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The Key to Non-Hazardous Consolidation

Welcome to StrataLock, where safety and efficiency meet innovation. Our market-first chemical injection products are revolutionising underground mining, providing non-toxic alternatives to outdated solutions.
Headed up by underground mining specialists, we’re dedicated to improving health, safety, compliance and operational performance through cutting-edge solutions.

StrataLock ® Resin:

Ultimate Stability & Safety for Underground Mines

Introducing our flagship product – the game-changing mineral acrylic composition for underground mines. This non-hazardous, fast-setting injection resin boasts a low exothermic temperature for ultimate safety.
Injected into the strata, it enhances roadway stability and reduces harmful exposure to the operator.

Versatile Application

versatile application
left line
right line
bottom line

Stabilise mine roadways

Stabilise longwall faces

Stabilise mine roadways

Stabilise longwall faces

Seal around seals & stoppings

Elevating Health & Safety:

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